Institutes are always judged on the basis of their technological advancement and with Opencompas ERP technology, your institute ranks first in this category. When Opencompas ERP gets introduced to your management, it will not only help in Branding of your school but will also help in smooth running of each and every department. We are offering the service with three versions, so you can choose the product as per you requirement. Opencompas is a cloud based software with user friendly dashboards, easy navigation and well structured reports.Some of our modules are.

Open Compas Latest Technology

Opencompas is an education management portal which simplifies the management and provides enormous facilities to an institute. Our portal assists educators to manage, analyze and report extansive data, while making your institutes management.

100% Online

This module enables the Institute to manage the Student’s details including admission management and old data migration.

100% Offline

Using the Gallery Module Institute can share Images and Photos with students, parents and staff through single window.

Online/Offline Synchronization

No need to drive and reach to school, no long queues, Parent can pay student fees online through Opencompas ERP

Online Application & Offline Database

Opencompas ERP will send Email on various events like when student is created, fees is due, books are allotted in library etc.

For Franchise
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