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Opencompas is an education management portal which simplifies the management and provides enormous facilities to an institute. Our portal assists educators to manage, analyze and report extansive data, while making your institutes management.

"Solution : Fee Module → Transaction → Apply Fee structure Select class,group,category ,Student type and session.Click on student list option.select particular student from the list.There will be an option for Edit Fee Structure and Edit Journal. Click on Edit Journal. Applied fee (Fee head wise) will be open, from here you can edit Journal entries of student and update it."

"Solution : Fee Module → Vouchers → Request for cancel voucher → Edit Mode→ Add new Enter Voucher number to cancel and give reason then submit. All details will be displayed below in table, In last column there will be option for edit, delete and cancel voucher."

"Solution : Fee Module → Transaction → Fee head Auto Adjust Enter Student’s admission number and click on show button."

"Solution : Class Module → Manage Section → select class → Subjet Setting. In manage section, select class, section ,& group and click on submit button. Now click on Subject Setting assign a subject name, subject type, Employee Name and Priority and click on submit button. Examination → Masters → Schedule Exam →Set Exam Schedule →Assessment → Marks Entry ."

"Solution : Transfer Certificate Module → Transfer Certificate → Application Received for TC In this path there is details of student whose “TC” is applied. In this detail there is column of status where “APPROVED OR PENDING OR CANCELLED” should be shown."

"Solution : In fee module → Report → Head Wise fee collection List(details)."

"Solution : First check in fee module →create fee structure →set fee head → amount →dates →update. Fee module → apply fee structure → select class or student wise → show structure →update."

"Solution : Fee Module → Transaction → Apply Fee Structure → class wise or student wise → Category → Student Type → List Student → Apply"

"Solution : open url of school and put userid as admission no of student and password as registered mobile no. Fee module → Provisional fee Payment → pay by → pay u money → pay now with pay u money."

"Solution : 1. Download the sheet first from mail sent by clients. 2. CCE EXAMINATION → Assessment → Marks Entry (Primary Section) in excel format then, Select class → Section → Select Evaluation 3. Filter by roll no. 4. Download excel sheet 5. Copy data from downloaded sheet from mail and paste it in excel sheet downloaded by software. 6.convert in .csv format. 7. Upload it in software by same procedure in CCE Examination module. CCE EXAMINATION → Assessment → Marks Entry (Primary Section) in excel format"

"Solution : 1. Open the excel sheet. 2. Remove all the special characters including comma’s from the given data. 3. The date format should must be in -DD/MM/YYYY 4. Now go to save as. 5. Now select the file as type - csv(comma delimination) 6. Now visit opencompas.in/bulkupload.html 7. Then click on the upload option and select csv file by browsing it and then 8. Click on the submit button. 9. Then once verify the sheet very carefully. 10. Now click on the add button and then the bulk data will upload by itself."

"(for paid can’t update) Solution : 1. Find the admission no. of student whose category has to be change. 2. In fee module → Transaction → Apply fee Structure →Edit fee structure → for paid can’t update → http://shrierp.com/school/modules/admin_control/paid_fees_clear.php(add this red colour to URL after module.) → Admission no. → Clear fees → Refresh 3. In Apply Fee Structure → Refresh → Uncheck → save structure 4. In student profile edit category and click on save and exit. 5. In Apply Fee Structure → Class wise → select class of particular admission no. → category → student type → Apply → Refresh. 6.. Transaction → fee head auto adjust → Admission no. → show → Action → Adjust (for Updatable) In fee module → Transaction → Apply fee Structure →Edit fee structure → for Updatable → Uncheck fee head→ save structure. In student profile edit category and click on save and exit. In Apply Fee Structure → Class wise → select class of particular admission no. → category → student type → Apply → Refresh."

"Solution : Step 1. In fee module ->> Voucher Entry ->> admission no. ->> Show. Step 2. Insert Ledger ->> by cash or cheque ->> amount ->> debit ->> save Step 3. Again Student show ->> insert ledger ->> total amount ->> credit ->> save. Step 4. Insert ledger ->> discount amount ->> debit."

"Solution : While they are creating fee stucture, they have not assigned the date clearly that’s why it is happening .It will be done from developer end.(Incomplete ask to sheekha mam for this clearly)"

"Solution : In Fee Module ->> Transaction ->> apply fee structure ->> student wise ->> list students ->> edit fee structure ->> uncheck bus fee head ->> save structure."

"Solution : In Transport Module ->> Masters ->> Vehicle Master ->> Edit Mode ->> Sort by vehicle no. ->> change average ->> click on update."

"Solution : Temporary Solution: Step1: First register student. Step2: Do journal Entry for same admission no. Step3: In narration write the details of fee receive. Step4: Do vocher Entry for admission no. Step5: After receive fee provide “TC” to student."

"Solution : In Voucher Entry ->> ADMISSION NO. ->> Show ->> Insert Ledger ->> Cash or Cheque ->> Amount ->> Debit. Insert Ledger ->> Student Name ->> Total Amount ->> Credit. Insert Ledger ->> Discount ->> Amount ->> Debit. ->> Save and Print."

"Solution : Step 1: Create Ledger. Step 2: In journal Entry ->> for other ledger ->> show ->> check in check box ->> add to list Step 3: Update journal Entry and save it. Step 4: In voucher Entry ->> Receipt Voucher ->> Select Ledger ->> Insert Ledger ->> save and print."

"Solution : In Fee Module ->> Setting ->>Fee not taken ->> Edit Mode ->> Select Fee head Name ->> select month in which fee should not be taken ->> add."

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