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51 Reasons to buy Open Compas

User Friendly
Do you have basic knowledge in computers? It's easy to work on Opencompas open source school ERP software on first login without any instructions.
Web Based
Being a complete web based enterprise software, you don't have to install anything on your computer. Use Opencompas from your favorite browser, except Microsoft IE.
Customization Ready
When you have your requirements different from what Opencompas offers, no worries. Opencompas is optimized for customization.
Your data, your server ( Optional )
Host Opencompas in your own server in your own premises. You are not forced to use our hosted services.
Addictive Features
Students, teachers, parents and employees of your institution will love to use Opencompas for their daily activities.
Action Search
The innovative action search of Opencompas allows users to get access to various other features through a simple search on the top menu.
24x7 Support ( 9009672400 )
Team Opencompas is there to offer support 24x7 to ease out any problem you encounter or answer back any question you have about Opencompas.
Affordable Pricing
You are charged the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) with Opencompas for enterprise software in the education sector. Schools and colleges of any size can easily afford solutions and services of Opencompas.
Wide Range of Services
With Opencompas, Profsys offers you a variety of other services like installation, customization, support, hosting, integration, training services and implementation.
Use in any School/College or Educational Institution
Use Opencompas in any kind of educational institutions- schools, universities, colleges and training centers.
Graphical Reports
Get a graphical analysis on the performance of the students with the help of Opencompas. Graphical reports are also available for other reports as well like Examination and Finance.
Custom Reports
Get hold of custom reports the way you want and also set fields of reports with the Dynamic reporting tools.
Parent and Student Demography
Both parent and student have same login access to Opencompas which allows them to get access to their dashboard from any part of the world.
Employee Demography
Separate logins to Opencompas for teachers and non-teaching staffs.
Use this feature to automate the system and process of your institution.
Management Demography
Separate logins to Opencompas for Management . Use this feature to automate the system and process of your organization.
Powerful Grouping Tools
This module facilitates a great grouping facility for more than 1 schools. Under one dashboard management can compare and evaluate complete Asset/ Student/ Income Vs Expenses and so on…
Document Management System
Smartly you can keep tracking of all your documents like letters, Certificates, Important Document of Schools and so on
Powerful User Management
Advanced user management functions of Opencompas open source school ERP software allow you to assign different privileges to different users of Opencompas.
New Enhancement Every Month
Fresh, new and advanced modules every month for increased usability of Opencompas.
Custom URL
Set your own custom URL for the opencompas installation,
Evaluation Method Support
Opencompas supports CCE and GPA: Opencompas includes CWA and GPA methods for evaluation according to international standards. Also includes CCE evaluation method as per CBSE, India guidelines.
Group Exams
In Opencompas, you can easily group various exams to make the final mark sheet of a batch of students.
Powerful Inventory & Asset Management System
Fine-tuned & Smart module for your organization, get on time alerts for maintenance, AMC, renewal, replacement. Asset valuation & depreciation & appreciation comparative study.
Opencompas can easily adapt to your institution's system and process through the right configuration of batches and courses.
All data is secured. Don't worry about any crucial information being stolen. Opencompas protects your data.
The best school Enterprise Software of all Times
With the ultimate integrated Finance and Human Resource module, Opencompas can take care of all the processes and systems required to run your organization.
No Unnecessary Features
Opencompas contains no unnecessary features which will never be used in real time.
No Hidden Fees
Transparent pricing with Opencompas.
Fast Access
Start using Opencompas in just 30 minutes
Fast Uploading Of Data
Custom Data import tools available for easy migration from your existing software
Iconic UserInterface
One of the best features of Opencompas is the beautiful and nonconfusing iconic interface for users.
Secure Password Management
Easy recovery of lost password or change your password anytime for complete security.
Cutting Edge User Experience
Highly researched and carefully done User Interface and User Experience design.
Available both for Download and On-Demand
You, as a customer, have the right to decide whether you want to host the product in Opencompas server. You can host it in YOUR SERVER, under YOUR URL.
Well Planned Roadmap Ahead
With 40+ modules, a lot more included in the roadmap to be made available in the coming One years, to adapt to any kind of school, around the whole wide world.
Guardian details on a Single Click
Store complete info of guardians and parents to avail it in case of any emergency, right at the click of the mouse.
Revenue Powered Development
All the development works of Opencompas have been powered by the revenues generated from Opencompas.
Analyze Student's Performance
Opencompas allows you to store information about the past history of your students to let you analyze performance.
Instant SMS & Alerts
Send SMS/Emails and automatic alerts to parents on their mobile phones.
Graphical Comparison of Student's Reports
Opencompas provides you the option to get a graphical presentation of a student's performance for a thorough comparison with the class average.
Timetable Module
Opencompas’s simple yet powerful timetable module helps your organization function efficiently.
Subject Wise Attendance
If the subject wise attendance is selected, the associated teacher can easily mark attendance of the respected students.
Smart Attendance
Integrate attendance module with external devices: Opencompas allows integration of the attendance module with API of normal hardware like biometric attendance device and swipe card among others.
Exam Management
Opencompas open source school ERP software allows you to manage exams, create exam timetables and reports as well as publish reports.
Interactive Dashboard
This feature evaluates the individual school performance; assess a financial resource and investment and academic productivity.
Regular Campus Updates
With Opencompas 's news module, regular campus updates are shown to all logged in users. It's almost like blogging!
Group Messenger
Advance Inbuilt internal messaging system to connect with students, employees and teachers.
Exclusive Video Tutorials
We have easy to learn video tutorials to teach you how to use Opencompas efficiently
Easy Attachments and Styling
Style up campus news with rich text colors or provide more information to students, teachers, parents and employees through pdfs and documents that can be downloaded by them to use.
Dynamic Alerts & Reminders
We have very dynamic alerts & reminder front screens which gives you group-wise data details like teachers will get every day Student Birthday reminder & alerts from management.
comparative Reports For Management
You can have a Analytic and Graphical view of your multiple schools with regards to their finance,investment and academic management which leads to improving school outcomes.